Susie Cooper Information Site Archive - Dynamic Designers Exhibition Information. This page originally appear on the site 22 July 1999. It is shown here in plain text only.
Dynamic Designers pioneering potters and paintresses. 
This exhibition covers the work of some of the most famous names in English ceramics design during the Twentieth Century. With a new millennium approaching, the history of design in the Twentieth Century is likely to become a growth area.  
The Susie Cooper content of the display has several notable pieces to thrill any collector of her work and would surely impress any enthusiast of modern ceramics.  
Especially worthy of a mention is the stunning 'Cockerel' pattern charger, a magnificent display of Susies talent for portraying animals in her own distinct style. Other rarities on display are a kestrel shape jug in 'Panorama' pattern. A mustache cup and Saucer with comical faces design. A delightful nursery plate from Susies time at A.E.Gray in 'The House That Jack Built' pattern.
In total there are 17 exhibits representing Susies career, from her early lustre designs to work done at Wedgwood in the 1970's. 
The Exhibition also contains examples of design by Clarice Cliff, Daisy Makeig Jones (several wonderful lustre pieces),Charlotte Rhead (good examples of her tublined designs), Millicent Taplin, Susan Williams Ellis (Portmerion), Kathie Winkle, and two Midwinter designers: Jessie Tait and Eve Midwinter.
Entry to the exhibition is FREE