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There are a large number of variations in the factory marks that Susie Cooper used during her career, on this page we concentrate on the marks found on her earthenware products. All are examples from genuine pieces of Susie Cooper.
During this period of production most factory marks include the words 'Susie Cooper' The exception being the designs she did for Peter Jones and John Lewis.

Susie Cooper 1930 - circa 1964

mark description


Tunstall Triangle
Rubber stamped A Susie Cooper Production inside a black triangle with Tunstall England below. Rare early mark used for a very short period in 1929.
Susie Cooper Tunstall triangle mark
Burslem Triangle
Burslem replacing Tunstall - this is the more common version and comes in two forms with border (shown here) and without border around outside. 1930-1932.
Also seen in different colours
Susie Cooper Burslem tianlge mark
Rubber stamped A Susie Cooper Production inside a black triangle. 1930 - 1932.
Susie Cooper triangle mark
Another example of the triangle mark showing part of the original manufactures mark blacked out (Susie was buying in undecorated blanks or white ware at this stage of production to apply her patterns to. A continuation of how production was carried out at A.E.Gray.) Also shown is the painted pattern number E108. Susie Cooper triangle mark
Ivorine China
Wood and Sons experimental translucent body, similar to bone china. Used by Susie Cooper around 1933 - 34. this example from a Kestrel shape coffee cup and saucer, banded in Wedding band pattern 479.
Ivorine china mark
Leaping Deer
A Susie Cooper Production Crown Works Burslem England. 1932-64. Probably the most familiar of Susie's factory marks.
In green, pink, blue or black. Pattern name sometimes included
Susie Cooper Leaping Deer mark
Text only 1932 - 1964
Usually found on smaller items, saucers, jugs etc. Often found in combination with the above mark e.g. this mark on cup and saucer, leaping deer mark on t-plate.
With box added for pattern number. (As shown here)
Susie Cooper text only mark
Text only 1932 - 1964. Type Face Variation
Crisp text style which appears slightly raised or printed. 'Crown Works' as one word, often found on unusual items and export items, also in black. This example from a 1936 plate with grazing deer.
Susie Cooper mark variation
Susie Cooper, transfer based on her signature. 1932 - 64.
Susie Cooper signature mark
Signature with England Susie Cooper mark with England added
Signature with Pattern Name
Brown transfer mark with additional pattern name. 1936 - 42, This example c1939
Various Colours
signature and pattern name mark
Susie Cooper
Crown Works Burslem England. 1932 - 1956.
With 1932 added
various colour variations.
Susie Cooper mark
The Homestead
By Susie Cooper 1932 - 1934. Rubber stamped. Often poorly / unclearly marked as shown here. This type of mark seems to only appear on special or short order patterns. The impressed 1131 is the year mark indicating the production date of the actual plate, November 1931.
'By Susie Cooper' on it's own
Different pattern names eg. 'Puck'
Note impressed date marks for November 1931.
special pattern mark
Incised on Studio Ware
Susie Cooper signature and England. Also ref 267 introduced 1932 and used mainly during the 30's but still used as late as 1990. Type of mark usually found on Studio range ware. Many different types, as each mark was incised by the potter when the pot was made.
Susie Cooper studio mark
Painted Signature
Hand applied. This example taken from a Studio range bowl. 1930 - 1980.
Many variations exist as any paintress working for Susie could apply it. It does not mean that because an item has a hand painted signature Susie Cooper made it herself !
studio signature mark

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