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Susie Cooper bone china & Wedgwood marks

The marks Susie Cooper introduced for use on her range of bone china table ware are much more delicate that the marks she used on the earthenware range. This may have been a reflection on the elegance of the new shapes Susie introduced for bone china. When Susie Cooper merged with Wedgwood the marks used were modified versions of the Wedgwood mark already familar to the Pottery trade.

bone china & Wedgwood 1950 - circa 1990

mark description


Susie Cooper Bone China England
With Star under signature. 1950 - March 1966.
Susie Cooper bone china Star mark
Susie Cooper Bone China Variations
In different colours: Brown, green, blue.
With pattern name and/or pattern number added.
Member of the Wedgwood Group added in black circa March 1966.
Star mark variations
Susie Cooper Made in England in a circle with Fine English Bone China to the centre. 1957 - 1960.
Susie Cooper circle mark
Signature over Susie Cooper
Fine Bone China England Member of the Wedgwood Group. c1967 to 1968
Wedgwood Mark
Susie Cooper / Wedgwood
Member of the Wedgwood Group. 1966 to 1970 similar to mark [4.3.6] below, but finer lettering and wider spacing.
Susie Cooper Member of Wedgwood Group
Susie Cooper / Wedgwood
Fine Bone China 'Heraldry-Old Gold' c2112 Susie Cooper Member of the Wedgwood Group 1968 - 70.
This example has the addition of pattern name and number included.
without pattern information.

Susie Cooper Wedgwood mark
Wedgwood Portland Vase
Wedgwood Bone China Made in England Susie Cooper Design. Without ® With pattern name'Fragrance' 1969 - 1974.
without pattern name
Wedgwood Portland Vase mark
Wedgwood Portland Vase
Wedgwood Bone China Made in England Susie Cooper Design. With ® With pattern name 'Cornpoppy' 1974 to end of Susie's work for Wedgwood.
without pattern name
Portland Vase
1987 Breakfast Sets
Used with the 1987 reissues of Yellow Daisy, Polka Dot and Pink Fern.
Yellow Daisy replaced by either Polka Dot or Pink Fern.
1987 mark
Used from 1982. Includes pattern name 'Florida'
Adams Florida
Wedgwood Genius Collection
Portland vase over Wedgwood ® bone china Made in England Genius Collection Wedgwood Women Designers of the 20th Century. Susie Cooper Recumbent Deer in a limited edition of 5,000 ©Wedgwood 1997.
Genius Collection
Glen Mist
Wedgwood Waterford mark found on Glen Mist which remained in production after Susie Cooper retired from Wedgwood. Circa 1972-1997.
Wedgwood Waterford

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