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The vast number of patterns designed by Susie Cooper during her career runs into thousands. We realise that everyone wants to find out about the particular pattern they own but we currently do not have the resources to provide a full list of everything produced. The following guide outlines key periods of production, the kind of work Susie produced during these periods and the related pattern numbers used. In addition we have included features on some of the most popular patterns.

A.E. Gray / Grays Pottery

First attributted pattern number is 2866 which was first entered into the pattern books around 1923. Pattern numbers at Grays run in sequence, but there are no surviving contemporary pattern books, so working out exactly which patterns were designed by Susie Cooper during her years at Grays is very difficult, especially as there is the possibility that other designers were also working at Grays with her. Modern research provides us with a few clues as to where the pattern numbers had reached when Susie left Grays in 1929. Andrew Casey's book, Susie Cooper a Collectors Guide, lists examples of Grays pattern numbers up to 8586, while Ann Eatwell's book, Susie Cooper Productions, mentions that "By March 1930 Gray's Pottery pattern numbers had reached 8625, and since Susie Cooper left the firm in October 1929 it can safely be assumed that patterns with higher numbers than this were not of her design." It is also worth noting here that any Grays pattern number prefixed by an 'A' is not a Susie Cooper design. Most patterns with a factory mark including the words Stoke on Trent are also not Susie Cooper designs, with the exception of some popular patterns which continued in production after Susie left Grays and some patterns which are clearly re-workings of Susie Cooper designs.

The following chart provides a rough guide to the number range used at Grays. The information is estimated as it can only be based on information we currently have to hand. There is, at present, nothing to suggest that every number was used or that every number is a Susie Cooper design.

approx. number range

approx. production year

2866 - 5100 1923
5101 - 5250 1924
5251 - 5370 1925
5371 - 6900 1926
6901 - 7460 1927
7461 - 8329 1928
8330 - 8586 1929

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