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Dresden Spray

Dresden Spray

Dresden Spray was first introduced in 1935 as pattern number 1001. Originally designed for Harry Wood of Wood &Sons, he decided that the pattern was too difficult to reproduce as a lithograph. Susie decided to produce the design herself and ended up with one of her best selling patterns.

Version 1017 with blue/green shaded wash border is the most commonly encountered variant. The pattern appears on most shapes produced by Susie including Kestrel dinner, tea, coffee ware and associated items, Rex shape tea and coffee ware, Doric coffee cups, lamp bases and chargers.

pattern facts

pattern name: Dresden or Dresden Spray
decoration technique: lithograph transfer with wash banded or lithograph transfer detailing.
first introduced: 1935 as pattern number 1001
production period: only on earthenware and in production from 1935, production ceased somewhere around the end of the 1950s / early 1960s

pattern numbers and introduction dates

Example of the factory mark often found on Dresden which includes pattern name and number. Dresden Spray was so successful that it can be found with a wide range of various Susie Cooper Productions factory marks.




1001 chestnut brown wash 1935
1002 gladiola green wash 1935
1003 meir & swan orange wash 1935
1004 canton blue wash 1935
1005 pastel pink wash 1935
1017 blue/green wash 1935
1140 thin bands in green and pink, pink band always to outside 1936
1141 Five sprays around rim, green finish 1936
1171 Dresden transfer with no other finish 1936
1251 Blythe sky blue shaded (In Susie Cooper An Elegant Affair this is listed as produced for Fondeville ) 1936
1277 Blythe sky blue shading 1936
1279 Yellow shaded 1936
1295 Dresden centre with gold band and line 1936
1581 centre transfer with centre in celedon glaze, four evenly spaced sprays around edge 1938
1582 as 1581 but finished in apricot 1938
1583 as 1581 but finished in salmon (listed in Susie Cooper an Elegant Affair as cancelled, so may never have gone into production) 1938
1754 Chinese blue shaded possibly exclusive to Spiral shape 1939
1846 aerographed turquoise outside, lined in pink 1940
1847 as 1846 but lined in turquoise 1940
1876 aerographed in pastel pink, sgraffito to match pattern 1005 (sgraffito used to represent a hand banding effect?) 1940
1877 similar to 1876, but aerographed shading 1940
1896 wide sky blue band with thin band in chestnut brown 1940
1897 as 1896, but pink and sage 1940
1898 as 1896, but sage and pink 1940
1899 as 1896, but yellow and oak apple 1940
2122 aerographed in smoke blue 1947
2123 as 2122, but celedon green 1947
2124 as 2122, but pastel pink 1947

extra information

In the October 1939 issue of 'Peter Jones & John Lewis Fashion and Household Gazette' Dresden Spray in wide pale pink or green was available at the following prices:
Early morning set 9pcs. nine shillings, three & a half-pence.
Tea set 21 pcs. nineteen shillings & one halfpence.
Dinner set 26 pcs. fifty six shillings, eight & a half-pence.
100 piece set comprising Dinner, Tea and Breakfast, seven pounds, nineteen shillings and sixpence.
(Old English currency. One shilling=5p new pence, 12 old pennies=one shilling, 240 old pennies=£1.00 )

At auction in May 1996 a staggering £2070.00 was paid for a complete Rex shape tea set for six with a pink wash border. The price was fuelled by huge Japanese interest in Susie's work at this time. Since then prices have fallen back considerably, today a tidy example of a Kestrel shape teapot can be bought for under £100.00

Sources & Credits: Graham Stewart pattern research. Susie Cooper a Collectors Guide - A.Casey. Susie Cooper an Elegant Affair - B.Youds. John Lewis Partnership Archive. All other material Mark Clemas / susiecooper.net

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