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A very basic guide to shapes designed or used by Susie Cooper

Susie Cooper used a wide selection of shapes in her early years many of which were supplied by third party factories including Grimwades and Wood & Sons. Once Susie had established herself as an independent producer of pots the range of shapes she used becomes easier to catalogue. The following guide is a very basic introduction to some of the shapes encountered.

A.E. Gray / Grays Pottery

We are currently researching the shapes used at Grays. This is a very complex area as most shapes were bought in from other suppliers for decoration. Known suppliers include Lancaster & Sandland, Johnson Bros. and Grimwades

Susie Cooper Productions

shape name and description


First introduced in the 1930s this radical shape is very hard to find today and rarely survives in good condition. Most commonly seen with tubelined designs like the example shown or all over aerograph and sgraffito patterns in bold bright colours. Designed by Susie Cooper.
Curlew coffee pot and cup
A more traditional shape introduced in the 1930s with distinct ribbing to the edge of the handles and the finial of lids. Designed by Susie Cooper.
Falcon coffee pot
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Probably the best know and most sort after shape that was introduced by Susie in 1932, it's sweeping finial and robust spout showing strong Art Deco influences yet the shape continued in production until the mid Sixties. Designed by Susie Cooper.
Kestrel coffee and jam pots
Although designed in the 1930s, this shape is mosty frequently seen with post war underglaze hand painted patterns from the 1950s and 1960s. Designed by Susie Cooper.
Rex hot water jug

With a shorter life span than most of her shapes Spiral was introduced just before the Second World War in 1938. It made a brief re-appearance after the war but was soon discontinued. Designed by Susie Cooper.
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A very distinct shape by Wood & Sons. Most often seen with the Cromer pattern which Susie Cooper designed especially for the shape.
Wren coffee wares

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