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A.E. Gray / Grays Pottery marks

As Susis Cooper only worked at Grays Pottery from 1922 until 1929 there are only a few marks normally encountered which can be associated with her work. The most significant of these marks has become known as the 'Liner' mark and includes the words designed by Susie Cooper. This mark is thought to have been designed by Susie herself and was a reflection of the new fashion for including a designer name on pottery during the 1920s.

A E Gray 1922 to 1929

mark description


Hand painted Gray's Pottery Hanley England.
Galleon mark
Gloria Lustre
Gloria lustre A.E.Gray & Co. Ltd. Printed in copper lustre.
Black and Yellow
Also shown: pattern number, artists monograph and a rebus.
Gloria Lustre mark
Ocean Liner
Hand painted Grays Pottery Hanley England. Designed by Susie Cooper.
Without Designed By Susie Cooper
Susie Cooper Nursery Ware replacing Designed by Susie Cooper
With pattern name also included
Some small objects just use text: GRAYS POTTERY from the first line of text of this mark.
Designed by Susie Cooper ocean liner mark
Ocean Liner
Variation on the standard liner mark with Susie Cooper Ware replacing Hand painted.
Susie Cooper Ware mark
Hand-Painted Grays Pottery Hanley England.

A later version of this mark also exists with HANLEY being replaced by STOKE ON TRENT. Susie Cooper had left Grays before this move took place so pieces marked STOKE ON TRENT are not likely to have been designed by her. A few patterns are known to have continued in production after she left, some even have minor pattern changes which only adds to the confusion.
clipper mark

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