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Patricia Rose

Patricia, as it was originally know, was first introduced in 1938 and shows a delicate pink rose surrounded by flowing leaves and buds. The pattern has become a great favourite with Japanese collectors. The rose itself is applied by transfer while the borders colours are normally wash banded. The pink wash border finish is possibly the most frequently seen version, with the green wash border variations a close second. The scallop border finish is also applied by transfer print. The pattern appears on most shapes produced by Susie including Kestrel dinner, tea, coffee ware and associated items, Rex shape tea and coffee ware, Doric coffee cups, lamp bases and chargers. [Picture shows Patricia pattern number 1657 on a Kestrel Shape Hot Water Pot]

pattern facts

Spiral milk jug

pattern name: Patricia, later known as Patricia Rose
decoration technique: lithograph transfer with wash banded or lithograph transfer detailing.
first introduced: 1938 as pattern number 1559
production period: from 1938 to around 1964 on earthenware, production on bone china ends around 1966. [Picture shows Patricia pattern 1559 on a Spiral Shape Milk Jug]

pattern numbers and introduction dates

patterns marked with a * require further research, but are thought to be Patricia Rose or are closely based on the pattern.

[Susie Cooper Factory Mark Showing the Pattern Name Patricia]




1559 scallop border, usually Spiral Shape. 1938
1657 pink wash border 1939
1658 green wash border 1939
1740 sky blue shaded band 1939
1741 pink star background 1939
1844 aerographed in pink, foot rims banded in pink 1939
1845 as 1844 but in turquoise 1939
*1871 aerographed in celadon on biscuit, rose painted in mixed brown, brown border as 1559 1940
*1872 as 1871 but pink 1940
*1873 sgraffito and aerographed in celadon to match 1657 1940
*1874 as 1873 but in pastel pink 1940
*1875 as 1873 but salmon pink 1940
1890 as 1844 but in green with line in celadon 1940
1891 as 1844 but in french green and old gold 1940
1892 sky blue wide band with narrow band in brown 1940
1893 as 1892 but wide band in pastel pink, narrow band in sage 1940
1894 as 1892 but wide band in sage, narrow band in pastel pink 1940
1895 as 1892 but wide band in yellow narrow band in oak apple 1940
1903 pastel pink wide band with narrow sage band 1941
1904 as 1903 but band in sky blue narrow band in chestnut 1941
1907 line in turquoise on spiral shape 1941
1908 as 1907 but in pastel pink 1941
1933 narrow band in apple green, wide band in pastel pink 1941
*1941 sgraffito in under glaze celadon 1941
*1942 as 1941 but in coral 1941
*1943 as 1941 but in wine 1941
1947 as 1894 but in celadon on spiral shape 1941
1950 wavy border in blue 1941
1976 as 1844 pink variation 1942
1977 as 1890 but in gladioli green 1942
1978 as 1890 but in pale blue lined in Chinese blue 1942
2002 wide russet band, narrow sage band ( see picture ) 1942
*2007 rose in slip with old gold and maroon 1942
2016 aerographed inside in pink with pink line to edge 1942
2017 as 2016 but turquoise 1942
2018 as 2016 but apricot 1942
2045 smoke blue aerographed 1945
2047 as 2045 but celadon green 1945
2059 aerographed inside in pink 1946
2060 aerographed inside in dark celadon lined in celadon 1946
2061 as 2060 but reversed 1946
2063 as 2060 but blue with blue line 1946
2064 as 2063 but reversed 1946
2129 aerographed in pink with sgraffito rose to match 1657 1947
2130 as 2129 but jade green 1947
2131 as 2129 but fern green 1947
2159 as 2002 but in grey and sage USA name Vogue Rose 1949
2273 brown tooth border on kestrel 1952
2402 russet band 1960
Bone China Versions
C920 patricia rose 1958
C921 patricia rose covercoat banded 1959
C1062 patricia rose banded 1961
C1063 patricia rose banded 1961
C1172 possibly as c920 colour variation with gilt edge for Cassidy's of Canada 1962

extra information


A 1938 advertisement from the Pottery Gazette and Glass Trade Review shows Patricia on the New spiral shape, also launched in this year. See our advertising feature for a larger image.

Sources & Credits: Graham Stewart pattern research. Susie Cooper a Collectors Guide - A.Casey. Susie Cooper an Elegant Affair - B.Youds. Pottery Gazette & Glass Trade Review. All other material Mark Clemas /

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