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Bone China and Wedgwood

The following shapes were produced in bone china only and have been split into those shapes produced while Susie Cooper was still producing independently or in association with her partnership at R H & S L Plant. The second section details the shapes used after merger with Wedgwood including shapes used at Adams.

shape name and description


The classic Can shape appeared in two major versions, with the spout away from the body as shown here and moulded close to the side. So well designed that Wedgwood continued to used it long after Susie was amalgamated into the company. Designed by Susie Cooper.
Can shape coffee pot

This elegant shape was Susie's first design for a range of bone china and is still as popular today as it was when first produced in the 1950s. The Quail range was vast. The picture shows an unusual TV snack set very much in vogue in the 1950s. Designed by Susie Cooper.
Other Information:
Contemporary advertisement

Quail shape tv set

Wedgwood shapes

Wedgwood continued to produce Susie Cooper designed shapes, in particular the Can shape. A commemorative re-issue also saw the re-introduction of the Kestrel shape for a limited production run, although these later issues are smaller than the original Kestrel shape and the detail is less defined.

shape name and description


The Can shape continued to be produced at Wedgwood however changes were made to the spout bring it in close to the body.
modified Can shape coffee pot
This re-issue of the Kestrel shape was produced for a short period of time in the late 1980s and only appears with three patterns, Yellow Daisy, Pink Fern and Polka Dot [seen here]
Polka Dot Kestrel jug

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