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Susie Cooper Bone China

In 1950 Susie Cooper China Ltd. was established. New delicate shapes were introduced that were not possible to make in earthenware. To differentiate between the earthenware still being produced and the new china patterns, numbers were prefixed with a 'C' and unlike the earthenware numbers, were started at C1. The overlap in production bodies continued until around 1964, when earthenware production ceased in favour of the bone china body.

The following numbers were used for bone china. A large number of these bone china patterns also had official names as well.

approx. number range

approx. production year

C1 - C702 1951 - 1955
C703 - C1052 1956 - 1960
C1053 - C2099 1961 - 1966

Susie Cooper Designs for Wedgwood

1966 Susie Cooper China became part of the Wedgwood Group. Wedgwood continued to use the Can shape originally designed by Susie. Some patterns produced before March 1966 continued in production at Wedgwood, the only difference, a new factory mark incorporating the Wedgwood Portland Vase. The pattern numbers listed below are only found with a Wedgwood Designed by Susie Cooper mark.

approx. number range

approx. production year

C2100 - C2173 1966 - 1970
C2174 - C2206 1971 - 1975
C2207 - C2219 1976 - 1979

Post 1979 Productions

There are various items produced by Susie Cooper after 1979. We are still researching this section. Details will be add as soon as available.

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